Ease Dental Anxiety Through Sedation Dentistry in Livingston

Does your child cry and cling to you before dental visits? Do you dread sitting in the exam room, your palms sweating? At Livingston Dental Group, we ease anxiety surrounding dental care through compassionate, effective sedation dentistry led by Dr. Eden Seitomer.

Why Choose Us for Sedation Dentistry

Specialized training and over a
decade of sedation experience
Private consultations to determine
optimal anxiety relief
Continually monitored care in
a modern, relaxing facility

Nitrous Oxide for Mild Relaxation

Nitrous oxide sedation involves breathing purified oxygen blended with nitrous gas through a scented nasal mask. Offering mild relaxation without losing consciousness, effects dissipate minutes after removal allowing normal function.

Oral Sedation for Deeper Calm

Prescription anti-anxiety medication promote relaxation and amnesic effects in the dental chair while preserving respiration and protective reflexes. Patients require an escort due to longer lasting drowsiness.

IV Sedation for High Anxiety

Intravenous IV sedation delivers anti-anxiety medication for a deeper state of relaxation. Responsiveness is maintained to respond to cues. Patients also need an escort following the appointment due to lingering effects. Livingston Dental Group works closely with a highly qualified team of dental anesthesiologists to offer IV sedation for the truly anxious patient.
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