Caring Kids Dentistry with Modern Technology

At Livingston Dental Group, your child’s healthy smile is our top priority. Led by Dr. Eden Seitomer, our team creates a safe, friendly environment for infants to teens using advanced tools like digital imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. We make dental visits easy even for anxious kids!

Why Our Pediatric Dentistry is the Right Choice for Your Child's Needs

Modern technology and advanced
training for accurate diagnosis
Child-friendly office environment
full of warmth and patience
Custom treatment plans suited for
all ages and abilities

Protect Young Teeth Through Dental Sealants

The chewing surfaces of back teeth are vulnerable to decay-causing bacteria. Dental sealants provide a protective shield over pits and grooves to lock out food and germs. These thin resin coatings prevent cavities for years and can be applied painlessly in minutes. Healthy mouths start with sealed smiles!

Strengthen Tooth Enamel with Fluoride

Alongside diligent brushing, fluoride treatments give kids’ teeth an extra shield against damaging acid attacks. We often recommend this quick, pain-free application for cavity-prone children at routine checkups. Fluoride supports stronger enamel between visits.

Break Harmful Oral Habits for Healthier Smiles

Prolonged non-nutritive habits like pacifier use and thumb-sucking pose risks for developing bites. We offer friendly tips to curb habits before they impact your child’s oral development. Intervention can prevent future orthodontic issues!

Save Damaged Teeth Through Pulp Therapy

Trauma or decay reaching the pulp tissue risks tooth loss and infection. Similar to a root canal, pulp therapy removes irritated nerve tissue so we can fill and restore damaged teeth. Crowns add further protection for continued form and function.

Ease Dental Anxiety Through Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Does your child experience extreme anxiety visiting the dentist? Our compassionate dentist uses the safest level of sedation with nitrous oxide to keep young patients relaxed and comfortable during procedures. We build trust and confident smiles for the long term.
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