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At Livingston Dental Group, we offer advanced restorative treatments to repair damaged teeth and enhance incomplete smiles. Led by Dr. Eden Seitomer, our experienced dentist utilizes modern technology and natural-looking materials to rebuild form and function for patients requiring tooth replacements or structural reinforcements. Dr. Eden Seitomer is one of the top leading restorative dentists in Livingston, NJ.

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Get a Flawless Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our dentist uses tooth-matched composite fillings to beautifully restore decayed areas while preserving more of your natural tooth structure. These bond directly for incredible aesthetics over traditional silver fillings that are prone to staining and expanding decay over time.

Repair & Replace Teeth with Crowns and Bridges

Damaged teeth receive full-coverage protection and reinforcement from custom crowns our dentist creates with the precision fit to your smile. These ceramics and porcelain restorations also serve as replacement teeth within bridges to complete gaps left by missing teeth with natural-looking aesthetics.

Choose Partial/Full Dentures for Tooth Replacement

If multiple missing teeth affects your confidence and oral function, acrylic partial dentures and full dentures offer an affordable, non-invasive solution. Supported by your tissues or precision clasps, these gum-toned prosthetics comfortably restore aesthetically pleasing and functional smiles.

Alleviate Pain Through Root Canal Treatment

A severely damaged or infected tooth requires root canal therapy to save the tooth instead of extraction. After careful pulp removal, our dentist thoroughly cleans, shapes, decontaminates and fills canals to seal the tooth. This protects the tooth from further infection and symptoms so it can heal and remain in use. Root canal treated teeth often need a crown for increased protection from fracture.

Tooth Extractions for Irreparable Smiles

While not an ideal outcome, badly damaged teeth that are unable to be restored require extractions for improved oral health. Our experienced dentist makes necessary extractions minimally invasive and comfortable. Your comfort is our top priority. Not to worry, missing teeth can be replaced with options like dental implants to restore your smile.
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