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Routine Oral Cancer Screenings in Livingston

Regular oral cancer screenings alongside thorough head and neck exams ensure early detection and treatment of abnormal tissue growths. Livingston Dental Group offers comprehensive screenings during routine dental visits utilizing advanced visualization technology for identifying signs of concern at the earliest stages.

Why Choose Our Practice for Oral Cancer Screenings

Advanced training in recognizing
cancerous and precancerous lesions
Enhanced diagnostic technology
Customized treatment and specialist
referrals if abnormalities are discovered

Precise Clinical and Technological Oral Cancer Assessment

We visually inspect all soft tissues of the mouth, throat, tongue and lymph nodes while feeling for lumps or growths. Any concerning areas prompt referrals to specialists for biopsies and developing care plans as needed.
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Reduce Your Risk Through Education

While screening helps detect issues early, prevention is key. We educate on risk factors like smoking and provide tips for self-exams, nutrition and lifestyle choices critical for reducing cancer risks long term. Partner with us for a lifetime of vigilance.
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