Protective Dental Sealants in Livingston for Decay Prevention

The chewing surfaces of back teeth have vulnerable pits and grooves where food and bacteria easily become trapped, eventually destroying enamel and forming cavities. Dental sealants offer an enamel shield to protect these sites. Livingston Dental Group provides quick, painless sealant application for children and adults prone to decay.

Why Choose Our Practice for Dental Sealants

Advanced decay risk analysis
and early intervention
Modern dental materials that
seamlessly bond and harden
Sealants typically last 5-10 years
with proper maintenance

Thorough Exams Pinpoint Sealant Candidacy

Ideal candidates are those with deep ridges or recently erupted permanent molars. During routine exams, our knowledgeable dentist identifies vulnerable sites using dental probes before sensitivity or decay manifest physically. We also consider diet, home care efficacy and other factors.
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Swift Sealant Application for Immediate Enamel Defense

Our dental team applies resin-based sealant liquid that flows into chewing surface grooves and pits then quickly cures solid with a special dental light. The process takes just minutes and forms a durable, protective shield over your tooth’s weaknesses, preventing future bacterial invasion that may lead to cavities.