Transform Your Smile with Custom Veneers

At Livingston Dental Group, we understand the impact a flawless smile can have on your confidence. Our custom veneers offer a remarkable solution to enhance the appearance of your teeth and create a stunning, natural-looking smile.

Why Choose Our Practice for Porcelain Veneers

Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled dentist has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, ensuring precision and superior results in crafting and applying veneers.
Customized Treatment: We take a personalized approach, considering your unique dental needs and esthetic preferences to create veneers that complement your facial features and smile.
Advanced Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and high-quality materials, we deliver top-notch veneer treatments for a beautiful and lasting outcome.

Veneers Correct Multiple Flaws for Ideal Esthetics

While very thin, dental veneers provide incredible transformational capabilities. Our meticulously designed porcelain covers conceal small chips and cracks, gaps from minor misalignment, tetracycline stains from infection and more. We ensure you receive the most ideal outcomes possible.
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Stunning, Natural Results Blend Beautifully

Using digital smile design technology, our master ceramists fabricate ultra-thin veneers with layered colorization that replicates natural tooth translucency beautifully. Custom-designed veneers blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a remarkably natural-looking smile. With proper care, veneers can offer years of durability and resilience, maintaining their beauty and functionality.