What Should Eat and Avoid While Wearing Braces?

November 24, 2023

Braces include the placement of metal wires into your mouth. While you are undergoing the treatment, you need to take proper care so that the treatment goes smoothly. If you are careful and mindful about what to eat and what to avoid, the chances to achieve 100% results from the treatment would be successful.

Traditional braces are a long-term treatment for the reconstruction of your smile. It is a recommended treatment and has benefited millions of people. Braces are there to correct overcrowded teeth, underbites, overbites, and gaps in between the teeth. Braces are undoubtedly helpful in resolving the mentioned issues.

Your cooperation and a little bit of attention may show you the phenomenal results without being caught in the issues like broken brackets, bleeding gums, and decay. It’s because the braces stay inside your mouth for a long time. Livingston dental group has an expert orthodontist Livingston, NJ, who can resolve your dental issues.

What Can You Eat with Braces?

No doubt, facial aesthetics are crucial for everyone. But when it comes to teeth, their primary job is grinding food. A well-grounded food leads to good digestion, contributing to overall well-being. Any dental treatment directly affects eating functionality in humans.

Traditional braces also directly impact eating. So, one should be aware of what he/she is eating. It’s because few foods may cause harm and can hamper the treatment progress. When you are under treatment, you should eat the following foods.


They are essential in a daily food diet. But in case you are wearing braces, there would be difficulty in chewing hard fruits like apples, peaches, and more. You should have some tender and soft fruits instead. Soft fruits that include berries and bananas etc.

If you are going for hard fruits, cut them into fine small pieces so that they easily be chewed.


Raw vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are essential for body growth. But in the raw form, they could be very hard on braces. In severe cases, these veggies can make braces pop out and break.

Cosmetic dentist Livingston, NJ suggests when you think of having vegetables, boil them before eating so that you can easily chew them.


Braces are made using metals. When food gets stuck between them, brackets may break. Also, there would be chances for cavities. It’s because while wearing braces, you can’t clean your teeth properly. Thus, it’s better to go for soft grains.

Dairy Products

Calcium is essential for bone length. Our teeth are also bones. Dairy products like milk and yogurts are rich in calcium. So, people with or without braces need to include them in their diet.

What to Avoid After Having Braces???

While wearing braces, you should not only be aware of what to eat but what to avoid too.

Hard Food

It is a big no! If you are pursuing traditional braces. Once you wear them, be careful about the food items you are eating. Hard food like raw fruits, vegetables, and grains put pressure on brackets. So, they might break or fall. When it happens, it destroys the improvements and progress of the treatment plus creates a situation for dental emergencies.

Sticky and Sugary Food

One should avoid such foods even in normal situations because these impacts badly on dental health. They are sticky. Moreover, braces provide space for the accumulation of food and the formation of bacteria despite taking care of oral hygiene. So, you should avoid such foods and drinks when you wear braces.

Crunchy Food

All the crunchy foods like chips, nuts, popcorn, and more are a big no in the case of braces. These foods can cause the loosening of brackets. When brackets get loose, the treatment may show a lesser effect.

Braces can effectively deal with the restructuring of teeth. It is a traditional and authentic way to achieve the desired smile. Although there are clear braces available, braces have their significance. If you are wearing braces and are going through any dental treatment, follow do’s and don’ts because the more you will cooperate during the treatment, the more are chances to achieve success and desired results.

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