Tips for Surviving Your First Root Canal Treatment 

November 24, 2023

Root Canal Aftercare

The truth about root canal treatments is that pain is part of the process. Although local anesthesia numbs your mouth from the pain during the procedure, pain is a consequence you will experience after your treatment. It makes it crucial to stick to the guidelines that your Livingstone dentist provides regarding how to care for your mouth after endodontic dental works. Aftercare protocols are vital to helping with pain management, but also to facilitate quick healing and recovery. Being intentional about aftercare measures will allow you to actively fight the risk of infection, which will only undermine the entire treatment.

Fast Facts about Root Canal

  1. Pain or discomfort is minimal – the discomfort from a root canal is nothing compared to the pain of tooth extraction. Therefore, do not be too concerned about the downtime you will require. You do not need to be in bed nursing your pain for a couple of days after a root canal.
  2. You will be susceptible to infection – as is the case with all other dental procedures. The mouth is a sensitive part of your body, with a high likelihood of infections because it is conducive for harboring bacteria. Watching what you eat and drink will be crucial for your speedy recovery.
  3. Aftercare protocols will vary – it will depend on when your endodontist in Livingston, NJ, performs the procedure. The guidelines are typically for immediately, a few days into recovery, and during the long-term.

Aftercare Tips for Root Canal Procedures

When you get your endodontic procedure done at Livingston Dental Group, you will not have to worry too much about how to care for your mouth afterward. Our dental team will equip you accordingly with relevant tips to foster speedy recovery. Some tips to follow are:

  1. Avoid eating anything immediately after your treatment – the reason is that your mouth will still be numb from the local anesthesia. It takes a few hours for the numbing to wear off. Eating when your mouth is still numb increases your chances of biting and hurting yourself.
  2. Eat soft foods only – it will be especially crucial for the first three days after your procedure. The last thing you want is to cause abrasion at the treatment site by eating hard foods.
  3. Keep your mouth clean – with the high risk of infection, you cannot afford to compromise or slack on your oral hygiene standards.
  4. Take prescribed medication – dentists usually prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medicine to help manage pain and swelling after the treatment.
  5. Chew on the opposite side of the mouth – resist the urge to test the state of your restored tooth. For the first couple of days, it will be safer to chew on the side of the mouth that did not undergo treatment. Once your tooth is fully healed you can resume normal chewing on both sides of your mouth.
  6. Be gentle when brushing your teeth – much as oral hygiene is mandatory after your procedure, be careful not to be too abrasive when brushing.

What to Eat After Root Canal Procedure

Food choices will be crucial for your healing process after a root canal. The important thing is to ensure you stick to soft foods and choose nutritious meal plans that will benefit your immune system to support the healing process. Some foods you should eat after a root canal are:

  1. Dairy products – yogurts and soft cheese
  2. Fruits and vegetables – prepared in various forms, including smoothies, soups, and mashed foods. When eating fruits, cut them into small pieces to avoid straining your mouth to bite. On vegetables, cook them well until they are soft enough before eating. If you find it tedious to prepare soft vegetables and fruits, opt for naturally soft foods like bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes.
  3. Proteins – tuna, eggs, beans, lentils, or tofu
  4. Grains – pasta, quinoa, oatmeal, or polenta

Other than the foods mentioned above, you can still opt for others. Do not feel limited to only trying out the specific foods in the list. Instead, use them as a guideline for how to choose healthy and soft foods that will support your recovery.

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