Pediatric Dental Emergencies: What Parents Need to Know?

November 24, 2023

Pediatric dental emergencies can occur without warning, just as with adults. For example, your child can fall and break or knock out a tooth. They might also bite the soft tissues in their mouths to cause bleeding and swelling. Depending on your child’s specific situation, you may need help from the child’s pediatric dentist to treat the condition. However, what will you do if the emergency occurs beyond office hours and the pediatric dentist isn’t available to provide emergency treatments?

While the situation is undoubtedly concerning, you cannot let your child endure the misery of the pain and discomfort until the pediatric dentist can see them. You must prefer to take your child to the emergency dentist near me to provide necessary treatments helping them to alleviate the discomfort felt by your child and even save their teeth.

Time is of the essence when dealing with any dental emergency, whether for children or adults. Your kid will undoubtedly be startled because of the situation they face. Do not become anxious in front of your child but try to ascertain the emergency to determine whether they need emergency treatment from the nearby dentist or can wait for urgent dental care from their regular dentist. However, getting the care required by your child is essential to prevent further damage from occurring in their mouths.

Instances Of Pediatric Dental Emergencies


Children are prone to toothaches which they develop by frequent snacking on sugary and starchy foods and neglect maintaining appropriate dental hygiene. If your child complains about a toothache in the evening, get your child to rinse their mouth with warm salt water and apply a cold compress directly to the cheeks if you notice any swelling. If the toothache doesn’t subside, take them to the dental office near you, where an experienced dental professional will evaluate your tooth checking for cavities. If detected, the dentist recommends filling the tooth immediately to prevent further damage to the tooth. They also provide painkillers to alleviate the pain to ease your child. The dentist also recommends getting your child dental sealants as a preventive measure to seal their molars and protect them from cavities.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Children are running around and falling, impacting their mouths to suffer from chipped or broken teeth. In such cases, calmness is essential to ensure you don’t cause more anxiety in your child. Instead, please pick up the broken tooth placing it in a milk container without scrubbing it. Take your child to the dentist in 07039 as soon as possible for the dentist to reattach the broken piece in the dentist’s office.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries result in bleeding and swelling. Direct pressure applied to the wound helps stop the bleeding. If you notice swelling, apply a cold compress and seek help from the nearby dentist for relief. Do not rush to an emergency room where no dental professionals are available, and neither are the tools to treat dental emergencies for children.

Falls Resulting in a Knocked out Primary or Permanent Tooth

If your kid has knocked out a primary tooth, you must visit a dental professional and none other to receive the treatment your child needs. Re-attaching primary teeth don’t serve the purpose, and in such cases, dentists recommend inserting a space maintainer in your child’s jaw to ensure their remaining teeth don’t fit position to create a bad bite. However, if your kid has knocked out a permanent tooth, they will require tooth replacement solutions using partial dentures or implants if they have attained full maturity. The emergency dentist in Livingston can provide your kid the treatment needed to ensure their oral health remains in optimal shape.

It is challenging to determine when children encounter dental emergencies similar to adults. Therefore, it helps take your child to the Livingston dentist for preventive dental care checkups. Your children receive fluoride treatments and dental sealants to prevent cavities besides customized mouth guards to safeguard their teeth and soft tissues when playing around.

Preventing dental impacts due to falls or in playing sports is practically impossible. However, you can stay over your child’s dental health by getting them regular dental checkups and ensuring they maintain appropriate dental hygiene, and refraining from having harmful foods that eventually result in dental emergencies.

If your child needs preventive dental care or emergency treatment, the Livingston dental group provides the services they need by treating patients of all ages and are even available on Saturdays. Please establish contact with them to help you overcome children’s dental emergencies.

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