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Emergency Dentistry in Livingston, NJ

Are you currently dealing with a dental emergency? Maybe you’re having bad tooth pain or have knocked out one of your teeth. You might suspect that you have a tooth infection. A dental emergency should be taken care of immediately. You shouldn’t try to wait it out or wait until a general dentist’s office opens again.

Not every dentist near you offers emergency dental care. In an emergency, it’s important to act quickly and find the right dentist for the job. If you are in need of emergency dentistry near you, contact Dr. Eden Seitomer at Livingston Dental Group.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Here are some of the dental emergencies you might experience:

  • Mouth injuries
  • Loose or knocked-out teeth
  • Mouth or tooth pain
  • Infections
  • Abscessed gums
  • Broken teeth
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling

When to Contact a Dentist About Your Dental Emergency

Often, people wait longer than they should to get help with their dental emergency. It’s important that you contact a emergency dentist in Livingston, NJ if you experience any of the following:

  • Swelling around the mouth or face
  • Pain in the mouth after it has been impacted
  • Knots or swelling in the gums
  • Mouth bleeding
  • Loose tooth
  • Pain that isn’t relieved with pain relievers

Contact Dr. Eden Seitomer at Livingston Dental Group to get advice about your dental emergency. Our dentist will help you to know whether you should come in right away or if the issue can wait for regular business hours.

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Many people have not been in a dental emergency before, so they may not know how to respond. The first step is to stay calm. Though it may be a scary situation, you must stay calm so you can think clearly and take the correct steps.

Next, contact an emergency dentist in your area. It’s important that you look for an emergency dentist. This is because not all dentists are open after hours or on weekends. Emergency dentists are open at different hours and are equipped to deal with true emergencies.

Our dentist can tell you the next steps to take, depending on the emergency. Our dentist might also encourage you to come in so the emergency can be handled as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Dr. Eden Seitomer to receive the care you need!

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